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The Michigan Adoption Resource Exchange maintains a database of approved adoptive families throughout the state who are interested in adopting children through the child welfare system.

MARE's Family Database will be a valuable tool as you work towards building your family through adoption. Once a month we will provide you with a list of children for which your family could be a resource. You’ll also have the option to be included on MARE’s Waiting Families page, a companion to our children’s photolisting page.  The Family Registry page contains no identifying information except for the family’s first name(s) and the city they live in.  A story describing the family, their community, hobbies and interests, etc., as well as photographs of the family, are included.  

This page can only be accessed by licensed Michigan adoption workers who must first register through MARE.  If a worker requests more information about a family, they will be directed to contact the family’s worker, so confidential, identifying information is never shared directly by MARE.  

Children in foster care have been separated from their family of origin for a variety of reasons. When children cannot return home, they become available for adoption. They need the nurturing and support that a permanent family can provide, and deserve a chance to grow up feeling secure and loved. "Special needs" adoption -- adopting a child from foster care -- is not so much about finding children for families, as it is finding a "Forever Family" for every child.

While any studied and approved Michigan family is eligible to register with MARE’s Family Registry, it is important to remember the children who wait:

  • Children over the age of five; Caucasian children over the age of eight;
  • Children of minority background;
  • Children who are part of a sibling group; and
  • Children who have emotional, mental, physical and/or learning impairments.

We encourage Michigan families who register to be willing to consider at least two of the criteria listed above. 

At this time, we are unable to accept registrations from non-Michigan families.

If you are an approved adoptive family within the state of Michigan and would like to be a part of MARE’s Family Directory, please reach out to your Adoption Navigator who will provide you with the family registration form and can assist you in being added to the family directory. If you are not currently working with an Adoption Navigator, you can contact us at 1-800-589-6273 or complete a contact us form and an Adoption Navigator will assist you.

Families will not be officially added to the family directory until the form is complete and confirmation is received from your adoption worker. You will be notified by your Adoption Navigator once confirmation has been received and you have been added.