Match Support Program

Match Support Program

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MARE's Match Support Program is a state-wide service for families who have been matched with a child from the MARE website and who are in the process of moving forward with an adoption.  The Match Support Program has Match Support Specialists who provide up to 90 days of services to families by providing them with referrals to support groups, educational training opportunities, and other referrals to helpful community resources.  


Our Match Support Specialists are a great support for the family throughout the adoption process.  They will be there for the family to answer any questions that they may have and to provide any resources during any bumps that may come up in the process.  During the 90 days, Specialists will have a minimum of weekly phone contact with the family, have team meetings with the family and the adoption workers to keep everyone updated of their progress, and attend monthly home visits with the family.  Our program takes referrals from workers, adoption navigators and the family themselves.  


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For more information or to refer a family to this program, contact:

Julie Miller, MARE Match Support Program Supervisor at (734) 528-2002 or