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Common Questions and Concerns

"Why do I have so many workers? I can never keep track of who I should call for what!"

 Our worker guide can help you figure out who you should call for different situations.

"What does it mean to be photolisted? My worker says my picture is on a website for parents to see."

 Being photolisted means that your picture and a few paragraphs about you (including your hobbies and things you like to do, your favorite foods, movies, and music, what you want to be when you grow up, etc.) are on the MARE Website. Parents who want to adopt children from foster care can look on the website and see if they might be a good family for a child or sibling group listed on MARE. If they find a child they want to get to know, they tell MARE staff and we contact the family's worker and your worker so they can talk and see if this family would be right for you.

"Why do some kids have videos and some don't? How do I get a video?"

 Videos are made for kids listed on the MARE website who have been waiting the longest for a family. If you've been waiting for a few months and want a video, tell your worker you want a video made and your worker can call MARE staff. We will come to your foster home or placement and do an interview!

"My worker told me I have to have my picture taken/have a video done and I really don't want to! What if my friends see it online?"

We understand that sometimes youth are embarrassed about their situation or afraid their friends will find out they're on a website. Look at it this way: Did you know the MARE website existed before you were in foster care? For most kids, the answer is no. Your photolisting will never tell people your history or why you came into care, so unless you tell your friends, they won't find out from MARE. If your friends happen to find you on MARE and ask you about it, maybe it would be a great opportunity to educate them about foster care adoptions and what it means to you! You can always turn an awkward situation into something positive.

Have a question you'd like answered? The MARE Youth Facebook group has an ongoing FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) discussion - Join the group and post your question on the Discussion Wall and it will be answered by your fellow youth and MARE Staff.