Fit and Willing Relative

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Permanent Placement with a Fit and Willing Relative (PPFWR) can become the federal permanency goal for a child if reunification, adoption, or placement with a guardian are not feasible options. If, after the foster care worker has explained the benefits of adoption and legal guardianship to the child, the selected relative is not willing or able to pursue either of these options, the child may be placed within the relative's home with the expectation of staying in foster care until age 18 with an agreement made by the relative to care for the child. During the time a child is placed with a relative, they must continue to meet with their foster care worker, attend court permanency placement hearings, and the permanency plan must be reviewed every 6 months to determine whether a more permanent plan is possible for the child.

In order for a relative to be able to care for a child as a PPFWR adult, they must clear all required background checks, commit to long-term care and responsibility for the child, must be able to meet the child's physical, emotional and developmental needs, the child must demonstrates a strong attachment to the relative, and the relative must be aware of the continuation of 6 month review hearings, with the possibility of adoption or guardianship with assistance at a later time.