Aging Out

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Leaving foster care when you turn 18 is called "aging out". Michigan allows you to stay in foster care past the age of 18 if you are still in high school and they have services and programs available including help and/or money for school and housing. Remember, "independent living" does not necessarily mean that you live alone, or that you don’t need anybody, or that you know all you need to know. Instead, "independent living" means that you take responsibility for yourself and that you know where you can get help and support.

Youth who are participating in Semi-Independent or Independent Living will have Permanency Planning Assistants, Youth in Transition Coordinators, or MYOI Coordinators depending on their county. These social workers are trained to help youth find resources in their areas and help to start their adult lives.

Visit the Online Resources page to find organizations and programs that can help during this transition.