Foster Family Adoption

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Around 93% of children who's parental rights have been terminated will be adopted by a Foster Parent or Relative. That means that it's a really good chance that if you are placed with a foster family and you have a good relationship with them, they will be willing to commit to a permanent, loving forever home for you!

What does the Foster Family have to do to adopt a child placed in their home?

Foster Families are already licensed by the state to have foster children staying in their home, so they do not need to complete another family assessment (also known as a homestudy). If the child is already living in their home, and the parent rights have been terminated, foster parents are often some of the first people the case worker will ask to be a permanent family for a child. If the foster family agrees that they want to adopt the child, they will sign a Permanency Commitment Form (Adoption) that just says they want to adopt the child.